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Grade Level Information

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Here are a few grade level highlights to help students be aware of high school requirements and obstacles.  Knowing this information ahead of time may help lead to a more successful high school experience.


9th grade

This can be a turbulent year of high school for many students. Students are suddenly given a good deal more responsibility and freedom at the same time.  For some, this is tough to handle. Don’t be surprised if grades drop a bit the first year of high school. Monitor your academic progress often using Infinite Campus.  Resolve to manage time well, be organized, and work hard. Be aware that GPA averages for scholarships and colleges begin NOW! Students who get way behind in their freshman year sometimes have a hard time catching up.


10th grade

Grade level where students often make decisions that set them either on a path to success or a journey toward failure.  Maturity can vary greatly from student to student at this stage. It is especially important at this stage that students learn to balance social time with academic pursuits.  Listed below are some items to be aware of for this grade level:

  • PSAT -Preadmissions test for college entrance.  This will be given free of charge at school for sophomores to give help prepare them for the SAT.
  • Drivers License and Joshua’s Law

11th grade

The year many students grow up and exhibit characteristics that are more adult-like.  This can be an expensive year for many students and families, so preplanning is wise. Listed below are some items to be aware of for this grade level:

  • Class rings
  • Start of AP classes or dual enrollment for some
  • After school jobs
  • Prom
  • Testing for post-secondary education admission:
  • SAT/ACT - the admissions test used by most traditional universities
  • ASVAB - the admissions test used for the military
  • ACCUPLACER - the admissions test used by many technical colleges
  • Begin scholarship apps
  • Begin postsecondary visits
  • Start volunteer service hours (24)

12th grade

Students are encouraged to keep their focus of academic pursuits over the course of this last year and to finish their secondary education race well. Listed below are some items to be aware of for this grade level:

  • Continue  postsecondary visits (seniors are allowed 3 days)
  • Senior pictures
  • Credit recovery if needed
  • Finish FAFSA
  • Cap & gown order
  • Graduation invitations
  • Complete & provide documentation of volunteer service hours(24) - please see the attached files

End of course testing

These cumulative state tests count 20% of each student’s 2nd semester grade

  • 9th grade Literature and Composition
  • Biology
  • Physical  Science
  • Economics
  • US History
  • Algebra 1
  • Geometry